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 Shell Budget Model

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The shell budget model uses no-net-shell-loss as a sustainability reference point to determine sustainable harvest of oysters. Sustainable harvest is the volume of live oysters that can be removed without diminishing reef shell mass. The model has practical application in identifying areas for closure to oyster fishing, determining total allowable catch, managing shell planting and restoring reefs.

 Dermo Data

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The parasite Perkinsus marinus (dermo) is a major cause of mortalities of oysters in the Gulf of Mexico. The data repository shows station information, water temperature and salinity, and disease prevalence and intensity of juvenile and commercial size oysters from estuaries across the Gulf.

Knowledge of disease intensity can be used to manage oyster crops. For example, heavily-infected populations of oysters can be harvested and marketed before they are killed by disease or transplanted to low-salinity reefs where they have a greater chance of survival.

 Organization Data